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Programs for all ages

Senior Master Babin’s Karate for Kids & Black Belt Academy provides a unique educational opportunity that builds clear minds and strong bodies through age-based curriculum.  To understand our program, consider that 5th graders don’t do the same thing that 1st graders do, and high school seniors don’t do the same thing that 5th graders do.   We apply that concept not only to physical training, but also to life skills and leadership training so that the activities and method of instruction match the level of the learners. The result is a completely separate program for preschoolers—TINY TIGERS TAEKWONDO—a separate program for elementary age children—KARATE FOR KIDS—and a separate program for adults and teens—SONGAHM TAEKWONDO. We also offer a special workout program for adults–WARRIOR X-FIT.


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“My own parents had a relaxed approach to parenting.  By watching the ATA instructors, I learned techniques for reinforcing discipline at home.  I was also a little surprised at the large emphasis on respect and the life skills taught.  These traditional values have meant a great deal to my wife and I and our children.”
– Scott White

“I use the life skill and weekly progress sheet to shape behavior and teach values.  Parents considering enrolling need to understand that this life skill instruction is a tremendous asset to improve children’s live in general.”
– Michele Millman