Hello Sir! I was a student of yours. Not sure if you remember, but I received my first degree black belt the same time your son Mr. Babin did. I want to thank you, Mrs. Babin and your lovely staff for your patience with me : -)

Ursala R.

My granddaughter has been with K4K for 2 years and they have made a remarkable improvement in her confidence level. She has also learn to be more attentive in her school work as well as her karate classes. She is our" Ms. Ninja" and she is so proud to show herself off.

Pat M.

Since enrolling our kids in the K4K master club and the leadership program, we have seen them both grow in confidence and we have meet some great people.
Babin's also have many talented instructors who our kids look up to as role models.

Charlene M.

Karate for kids has been the greatest thing for me. I love it and it has totally helped me focus better. I do not want to ever stop going to class.

Ray H.

It is with sincere appreciation and gratitude for such an amazing experience that you have given Aidan over the last several months. It's so wonderful to come to Karate for Kids and have him enjoy and grow in the program. We think that you are the best!

Danny S.

To date this is the best decision I've made for my son. I was so excited my 5 year old was starting kindergarten this year. His first year of learning. Not just reading and writing, but making friends, socializing, being part of something. These were his first steps out in the world on his own. But then it happened. I started getting phone calls from his teacher. How could this bee he is only 5 and he has 12 more years of school. I knew I had to figure this out. I needed to find away to do more then just make him listen/behave. So after doing some research i found "Karate for Kids." they don't just teach these kids karate. From the very beginning they start working with the whole child. They deal with these kids mentally, emotionally and physically. They don't just teach words like loyalty, focus, discipline, pride and respect. These kids learn the meaning of these words and how to make them part of their life. they acknowledge each and every child's accomplishments. Teaching the child the feeling of pride, and in return making that child wanting to do better. They will sit and talk/counsel a child when they have done wrong. They don't just tell that child you shouldn't do that they explain so that they understand, letting the child make the decision to do right and not wrong. I am very grateful to the Babin's and their entire staff. While they are teaching these children karate which is something that will help them their entire life. They are also teaching them to be the best person they can be. Don't we all want our children to grow up to be happy, successful adults. I honestly can not think of a better beginning to that then "Karate for Kids" Since my son has started with "Karate for Kids" he is happier, he always wants to help with anything he can I know he is getting a lot more exercise and the right exercise. There have been so many changes in my son, all for the good. All I can say is I wish I would have started him at the age of 4.

To sum it all up: The Babin''s and their entire staff is teaching my son to do and be the best he can in all he does. The confidence to believe in himself, and the knowledge to alway choose the right way. Maybe with all that going on when the time comes and someone offers him drugs or a gun he can stand tall say no and walk away.


We have been attending Babins karate for kids now for three months, my daughter loves her class and instructor. The family atmosphere makes for a comfortable setting, my daughter looks forward to the three nights a week we attend and her Saturday leadership class. She has learned many things along with self defense, her attitude has improved, she treats everyone with respect and courtesy. This has been the best decision for our child, she absolutley loves attending and learning. The classes are great for both boys and girls, I would recommend Babin's to everyone. 5 Star's is not enough to rate Babin's.

Jeff D.

Babin's Karate for Kids has made a tremendous difference in my children's lives. Two years ago we enrolled my youngest son, who has emotional challenges, hoping to provide him an outlet for physical exercise and assist him with his ability to focus. Karate for Kids helped us to do just that, and more. Their great instructors, Senior Master Babin, Mrs. Babin, Mr. Babin, Mr. Meyers, Ms. Birdwell, Mr. Birdwell, and Mr. Coachman, really know how to encourage kids and bring out the best in them. After 3 months of enrolling my youngest son, my oldest son begged to start classes. My children have learned to focus, follow through with goals and make good choices. The self confidence and self discipline they have gained have been the most valuable tools. The classes took my kids beyond just physical activity and taught them life skills which helped them not only in taekwondo, but at school and at home as well. The staff makes it fun, where the kids look forward to class. If you’re looking to enroll your child in taekwondo, this is the place!

Amanda R.