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Rylee Bacus August 2011


Articulate, Expressive, Ambitious, Confident

Those are the words that best describe RYLEE BACHUS, our student of the month.  Indeed, her enthusiasm to talk about her KARATE FOR KIDS experience—as well as the skill of her oral delivery– is testimony to how much she has learned here about being a leader.

Two and a half years ago, the K4K staff led a “safety festival” at nearby Porter Elementary.   One of the activities was breaking boards.  Well, Rylee did that just once and had to have more.  She took the free month offered and hasn’t stopped since.

Rylee says:  “I had tried other activities—ballet, ice skating, even violin.  I didn’t find them exciting enough.   KARATE FOR KIDS was fun the first time I tried it.”

Dad commented:  It was absolutely Rylee’s idea to get started.”


One of the things that appealed to Rylee was that in KARATE FOR KIDS she could do everything all the boys did, not like in other sports.   And she is totally driven to achieve and to lead the way as a girl.

Dad says that KARATE FOR KIDS has helped Rylee in many ways.   She’s learned self discipline, personal responsibility, accountability, and organizational skills.   She has absolutely made improvements in her discipline and personal responsibility.  For example the fact that she has to keep track of all her personal belongings and know where they are.   She has really improved with that, and not just her gear and weapons, but all her personal belongings.”


Mom adds:  I was hoping she would gain discipline and improve manners, especially to be more respectful to teachers and peers.  She had struggled with peer relationships in grade school.   She has always done well academically, but her relationships with peers were challenging.  And now she is much more patient with kids her age, and even with her little sister, where there’s a big age difference. She’s really great picking up her room and helping around the house.”

I asked Dad if there was anything unexpected that he has seen Rylee learn.  The leadership training has been very impressive, especially specific training on eye contact and public speaking.   I was totally surprised at how she is being nurtured to be a leader.  She is doing stuff that will totally improve her quality of life.   The stuff she learns in leadership now will affect her in a good way in 5 year, or 10 year, or 20 years.   I can’t say enough good things about this place and what Rylee is learning.”

Rylee says: I give reports at school and I’m much more comfortable speaking in front of people.”

.Mom adds:  I was surprised at how involved and excited she has been.   Her interest is as strong now as it was at the very beginning.  She loves helping as a JUNIOR LEADER, and she seems to be more active outside of KARATE FOR KIDS, by doing rollerblading and swimming.   She is even paying attention to what she eats.  And she is taking a strength and conditioning class this summer.  I know that she would never have done that before KARATE FOR KIDS.  She would have been too scared. The class has football players and older kids in it.  But now she has plenty of confidence to get in there!   And I also feel that she can take care of herself by using the self defense and safety she has learned.”

In our Student of the Month interviews, we always talk about struggle and both Dad and Rylee had some interesting things to say:  Rylee has always done well in school, but when she came upon that one thing that was challenging, she would get frustrated.  Now, she is more accustomed to being challenged, to facing things that are difficult for her, to facing high standards of performance.  And she now understands more about how you can get frustrated, but you also need to get the job done anyway.”


Rylee adds:  It’s hard not to get upset when you fail, but you learn to get through it.  I think that it’s ok to fail as long as you learn something.”

Mom added: During a recent tournament, her first event as a black belt, she did not place at all.  She was disappointed, but she was happy for Lexi, her friend (student of the month in July)—also a brand  new black belt—who took 2nd place.   She analyzed the experience, realized that it was her first black belt competition and she had sparred a state champ, accepted her results, and  then and moved on.  And she made a friend who gave her a big hug and said,‘ win some, loose some’”.

Rylee says that earning her black belt is the biggest and most memorable thing I will ever go through.   But the thing I gained the most out of KARATE FOR KIDS is emotional and mental strength.  I’m more self aware and prepared for life.” She added: “It has made me a better listener.   I have always been ahead of the pace of my class in school and KARATE FOR KIDS has made me more patient.”

What advise do Rylee’s parents have for other parents thinking about enrolling their children?

Dad:  “Get started now!    KARATE FOR KIDS has so many things to offer to all people of all ages.  It would be impossible for someone not to find an enormous amount of beneficial things to take away from her.  It’s the best thing to do to improve the life of any child.  KARATE FOR KIDS incorporates real life lessons.  No other sport does that.”

Mom:   “It’s great for discipline and to boost confidence.  And I feel good that she can keep herself safe.   She has made real friends here, which had been challenging at school.  I know she is more respectful to teachers and to me, especially around the house.”


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