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Quest: a program of excellence for teens

Welcome to QUEST, an program of excellence for teens!  Beginning May 29, the adult leadership class will move to WEDNESDAYS  at 8 pm and it will become a class devoted entirely to training TEENS to be ATA leaders—-and LEADERS OF THEIR OWN LIVES!!!  It even has a new name—QUEST—because we know you want to be the best.    The program is open to all red-collar leadership students, age 13+.

 This new program will include special instruction in leadership skills, an expanded martial arts curriculum, specialized mentoring,  fun, team-building activities, and very special “quest adventures.”   The first of these special adventures will be waterskiing with Chief  Master onTuesday, June 11.    Mr. Babin and Ms. Leckey will be leading this class, as well as taking a special interest in each of you.


 All leaders need to learn to speak in front of a group and learn how to use facial expression, voice, and posture as valuable tools of communication.  You also need to learn ho to manage information.  You will study the entire Songahm color belt curriculum, as well as specific skills related to becoming an ATA instructor, like classroom structure, instructor points, 10 class management skills, and rapport building.  This material is a powerful combination designed to make you a winner in any endeavor.


 In addition to traditional Taekwondo, you’ll explore exciting kickbox training and self-defense maneuvers that include grappling and takedowns.  This is high-energy fun stuff, presented in a very elite class.  


 We have divided the red collars into two groups, one led by Mr. Babin and one led by Ms. Leckey.  Every eight weeks you will begin a new cycle of skill development that will end in a competition.  There will be a special trophy, bragging rights, and pizza parties!!!  Every eight weeks the teams and mentors will rotate to keep things fresh.  And each of you will be assigned a mentor to guide you along the path of excellence. 


 PARENTS:  Most families with high expectations look for activities that will enhance the high school record of their teen children, things that will look great on a college application.   We know from experience that “3rd degree black belt / certified instructor / American Taekwondo Association”  are items that do mean a lot.  And what amazing skills your teen will learn in QUEST!!!!     Parents, please remember that your teen can become a certified instructor as he graduates from high school.  And we do have several graduates, who have gone on to teach Taekwondo while in college.  There is no better program of leadership and vocation skills for your teen!


 I promise you that this class is the most important class you can take each week.  If youcan attend only one class in a week, this is the one you should do.  It will propel you to new heights of confidence in all that you do.

 Dress for this class is casual.  Wear black or white pants, your belt, and an ATA shirt or PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT.  Always bring all gear and kickbox gloves.  We generally do not do weapons in this class except to review color belt material once per eight weeks.

 I look forward to sharing the excitement of this class.  Mr. Babin and Ms. Leckey are excited to begin this journey with you and look forward to seeing you on May 29.  Although some of the special adventures will be “fee based,” there is NO additional charge for this training!   Thanks for your support of our program.






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