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Tiny Tigers

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Program for children ages 3-6

Chief Master Babin’s Tiny Tigers Program provides a unique educational opportunity that builds clear minds and strong bodies through age-based curriculum.  To understand our program, consider that 5th graders don’t do the same thing that 1st graders do, and high school seniors don’t do the same thing that 5th graders do.   We apply that concept not only to physical training, but also to life skills and leadership training so that the activities and method of instruction match the level of the learners. The result is a completely separate program for preschoolers—TINY TIGERS TAEKWONDO—a separate program for elementary age children—KARATE FOR KIDS—and a separate program for adults and teens—SONGAHM TAEKWONDO. Here’s what happens in TINY TIGERS.

karate program for children, karate program for children, karate programs for childrenWhat 4-year-old doesn’t want to jump, kick, run, and scream?   Your preschooler is probably a “ball of energy,” and the TINY TIGER PROGRAM (ages 3-6) will channel that energy and teach focus, coordination, listening skills, and confidence.  Using martial arts-based exercises such as blocking, striking, kicking and punching, your child will learn how to focus  energy to achieve a specific result.  By learning combinations of the fundamental karate techniques, he/she will develop a strong sense of balance and hand/eye coordination. This training uses age-appropriate activities and class structure which build confidence as your Tiny Tiger advances in rank.

Is your child quiet or shy?  Through consistent structure, encouragement, and positive reinforcement, the TINY TIGER experience helps the quiet child become confident and assertive. At Chief Master Babin’s Tiny Tigers Program, we’ve been working with children for 30 years, and we know that positive reinforcement and encouragement is the best way to help young children learn and build self-esteem.  The consistent structure of weekly classes gives your preschooler a jump-start on mastering the listening skills he/she will use in school. The Tiny Tiger experience at Chief Master Babin’s Tiny Tigers prepares your preschooler for the structured setting he/she will encounter in kindergarten.  By exposing your child to a safe and warm environment at an early age, he/she will experience less separation anxiety and will have better social skills, thus making the transition to kindergarten much easier.

With most children’s activities, the learning stops when the activity ends. At Babin’s ATA Martial Arts, our goal is to teach children how to take the life skills we teach and put them to use in their lives at home and in school.  Our “patch & star” reward program will help you reinforce our lessons at home and at school.   Because the Tiny Tiger program is karate-based, we are proud to help children learn the values of discipline, courtesy, respect, and self-control. Using our weekly progress reports, you can continue the lessons at home in a fun and exciting way. Each time your Tiny Tiger turns in a positive homework sheet, we reward him/her in front of the entire class, helping reinforce good behavior!

We also understand that sometimes our children have trouble displaying these values. So if your child needs a little extra parental support, we’re here to work side-by-side with you, to make sure your preschooler is right on track!

So whether your child is a “ball of energy” or a little shy, the Tiny Tiger program will create a well-rounded little person who is poised for success in the future!

“My own parents had a relaxed approach to parenting.  By watching the ATA instructors, I learned techniques for reinforcing discipline at home.  I was also a little surprised at the large emphasis on respect and the life skills taught.  These traditional values have meant a great deal to my wife and I and our children.”
– Scott White

“I use the life skill and weekly progress sheet to shape behavior and teach values.  Parents considering enrolling need to understand that this life skill instruction is a tremendous asset to improve children’s live in general.”
– Michele Millman

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