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Teens & Adults

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At Senior Master Babin’s Karate for Kids & Black Belt Academy, you’ll find a unique educational opportunity that builds clear minds and strong bodies through age-based curriculum.  To understand our program, consider that 5th graders don’t do the same thing that 1st graders do, and high school seniors don’t do the same thing that 5th graders do.   We apply that concept not only to physical training, but also to life skills and leadership training so that the activities and method of instruction match the level of the learners.

karate class for adults, karate class for teens, karate classes for adults, karate classes for teens, karate for adults, karate for teensSo it makes sense that teen / adult training takes place separately from kids training in a class specifically designed to meet the physical, emotional, and mental needs of the “older student.”  Here’s what you’ll find in our adult classes.

All the experts agree:  exercise relieves stress, improves sleep, and builds confidence, too.   You’ve probably already heard that a good workout releases endorphins, natural chemicals in the brain that make you feel good.  Regular exercise builds muscle mass which increases metabolism, thus helping to control weight gain.   Moderate regular exercise also maintains flexibility and range of motion, factors that are really important to “quality of life” as we grown older.   Isn’t that what you want as you grow older, the ability to remain active and enjoy life?

But you’ll find SONGAHM TAEKWONDO so much more than just exercise.   Your adult class will be personally rewarding and FUN because you are learning a martial art.    We often talk about how focus and self-discipline help kids, but let’s not ignore that better focus and discipline can increase productivity at work, help you become more organized, and stick to priorities.   And more confidence can help you make better presentations and even ask for that raise!!!  As an adult you divide your time between family and work.   You might be like many adults who also find time for service projects and continuing education.   A SONGAHM TAEKWONDO class is something you do for yourself to recharge your soul!

“I joined mostly because I could not see myself sitting in the lobby and watching my children have all the fun!”
– Michele Millman

“I saw what my daughter was learning and it looked like so much fun, so I got started right then.  This is the most consistent physical activity I have ever done in my life.  It has kept my interest; I come to class three times a week and have met some great people.”
– Yvette Hawthorne

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