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Nick Lucchese

Two straight years of focused effort has produced an 11-year-old black belt and two first places and one third place in our recent ATA Regional Tournament.  That’s a summary of Nick Lucchese’s life as a student of Taekwondo.   Like many other nine-year-olds, Nick did not have an interest in other “traditional” sports, like football or baseball.

According to dad, “Nick actually wanted to do fencing because he really likes weapons, but he went to see the movie GI JOE and saw some “karate fighting” in the movie.  He really liked that, and his cousin was taking classes at Babin’s Karate for Kids at that time.  He came to a “safety class” with his cousin, Austin, and he enrolled soon thereafter.”

 Nick’s mom, is a 3rd grade teacher and says, “Teachers often recommend Karate for children.   We know that it builds focus, discipline, and respect.”

Nick is a bit of an exception.   He has never missed a graduation or “no-changed.”   His focus and concentration have produced regular advancements every two months over the last two years.      He earned his 1st degree black belt in November.

Sal says:   “His karate class really helps to push him.  He knows there are standards and expectations.  He knows he has to work hard to get what he wants and to work even harder if he does not get it.”

Dad goes on to describe some great qualities and skills that we call “black belt attitude.”

“Nick is more confident in his interactions with others.   He is more aware of being respectful.  He is a caring person.   He likes things to be fair and wants others to get a fair chance, too.   In fact, he actually stepped in at the bus stop when another kid was being unkind.”

WOW, what an incredible black belt attitude!

 When we asked Nick’s parents what they would say to other parents who are considering Babin’s Karate for Kids for their family, this is what they had to say….

DAD : “It is a great opportunity for kids…great discipline and great life skills.  He’s learning lots of things here that he will use for the rest of his life and I like the idea that he can protect himself.”

MOM: “I see karate training as all the other stuff…the character training and positive life skills.  And he really looks up to the young male leaders here like Mr. Babin, Mr. Birdwell, and Mr. Meyer.   These are students who have become teachers and role models.   In Nick’s mind, he can say, ‘Hey I can actually become one of those guys.’   These role models are a great plus for the program.”

NICK says:  “Weapons are my favorite, especially the sword.  The most exciting things I have done have been taking xtreme classes from Mr. Birdwell and Mr. Meyer.”


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