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How old does my child need to be to start?
Children can begin training at age 3.   Our programs are age-based:  TINY TIGERS (ages 3-6), KARATE FOR KIDS (age 7-12) and TEENS AND ADULTS (ages 13 and up.)

When are classes?
All children’s classes are scheduled between 4 pm and 9 pm Monday-Friday  and from 9 am – 2 pm on Saturday.

How often per week?
Most students attend 2 classes per week.

How many students per class?
We strive to maintain a 10 to 1 student / teacher ratio.

How fast can I progress?
Most of our students advance one belt level every 2-4 months.

How long does it take to become a black belt?
Normally, the journey to black belt takes 2-3 years.

Is there competition?
Yes, through the American Taekwondo Association, we offer a variety of competitive events, including in –school tournaments, and regional, national, and world-level events.

How do I get started?
Request more info OR ENROLL NOW with our INTERNET SPECIAL

How much does it cost to get started?
For new members, click here for our INTERNET SPECIAL.

Do you offer MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training?
Our curriculum includes a broad spectrum of disciplines: weapons training, Taekwondo, joint manipulation, grappling, pressure point techniques.

Do you offer weapons training?
Yes, weapons training is available to all age levels