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Map, Directions and Hotels

Gathering of Eagles Hosted by



Saturday January 23, 2016

Our 11th Year!!!!

ASU Tempe Campus

PE West Building

451 E. Orange St.
Tempe, AZ 85287

ATA Regional “B” Tournament

ALL Competition Takes Place on Sat Jan 23, 2016

Map to PE West Gym

Site updated 10 2 15



Normal & Apache

Rural & Terrace

There is NO CHARGE for parking on SAT,  but there is a charge for parking on FRI. 

NORMAL & APACHE parking garage is closer to PE WEST than the garage at TERRACE & RURAL. If you park at NORMAL & APACHE where the Student Recreation Center (SRC)  is, exit the parking garage, walk EAST till you get to the MAIN ENTRANCE to SRC, then go NORTH along “PALM WALK” about 50 yards.  PE WEST is at the corner of ORANGE MALL & PALM WALK.  Enter from the EAST side of the building along PALM WALK

WHEEL CHAIR access directly to the building is from RURAL road where there also is a traffic light and parking garage at TERRACE street.   You may drive WEST onto campus at TERRACE.   TERRACE becomes ORANGE MALL.  Drive WEST on ORANGE MALL all the way to PE WEST building to drop off your passenger.  YOU CANNOT PARK IN THIS AREA.  IT IS ONLY OR DROPPING OFF.

If you park at TERRACE & RURAL, exit the garage and walk WEST along TERRACE.  At MCALLISTER, the street becomes ORANGE MALL.  Keep walking WEST till you get to PE WEST.  Go SOUTH on PALM WALK to the east side of the PE WEST building.

Recommended Hotels

No special ATA rate is available.  These hotels are close to the tournament site.

Graduate Tempe

225 E Apache Boulevard, Tempe, AZ 85281       480 967 9431

1 block from tournament site

Phoenix / Mesa Hilton

1011 West Holmes Avenue, Mesa, AZ   85210   480 833 5555

4 miles from tournament site