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In-School Tournament

In-School Tournament

Saturday November 7, 2015

Competition for all ages and all ranks.


Begins……Thursday, November 5

6:45 pm   Adult competition, including color and black belt adults

Saturday, November 7, 2015

10:15 am all tiny tigers

11:15 am all K4K WOY

12:15 PM  All junior / teen black belts

ALL creative / xtreme competition as well

2:15  pm  all K4K Camo–Red/black

3:30 pm Grand Championship

All registered for graduation have already paid for this event.

Those not graduating pay only $10.00

Please confirm your attendance.


Next Regional Tournament

Saturday, January 23, 2016

ATA  Regional  “B” Tournament

Hosted by Chief Master Babin

ASU Tempe Campus

PE West Building

451 E. Orange St.
Tempe, AZ 85287


Register with your instructor.

No classes on this day.


Why Compete?


BUILD CONFIDENCE: Nothing builds confidence faster than placing yourself in challenging, new situations over and over.  Every tournament is different:  different location, different judges, and different competitors.  And if you set a goal to build a “competition career,” even YOU become different because you grow older, wiser, stronger, and more skillful over time.

IMPROVE SOCIAL SKILLS:  Parents of Karate Kids constantly refer to how their children take the life skills we teach and use them at home, at school, and everywhere.   Tournaments provide an ideal opportunity for your child to make friends and be a friend.  In fact, “making a friend” is one of the TWO big reasons for competing:  1: make a friend, and 2: learn a lesson.  Also, learning how to deal with the stress of competition can teach your child how to win with grace and humility and how to lose with self control and respect.    That equals “poise under pressure” and when will that be a valuable life skill???——-Always!!!!

SETTING GOALS: Rather than saying, “I will win 1st in sparring.” You can set small, incremental goals, like “I will score at least one point in sparring.”  Or “I will get at least two 6’s on my form.”   Or “I will compete in FIVE events at the next regional tournament.”   Remember, goals need to be specific and measurable.  And tournaments give you lots of choices for goal setting.


Why Should Black Belts Compete?

Complacency: it’s that simple.   Black belts spend more time at the same rank and in the same class than all other students.  Regular training is GREAT, especially for fitness.  If you go to class regularly, you are doing wonders for your body, you are relieving stress, you sleep better, and you slow down the aging process.

But because black belts do spend so much time at the same rank and in the same class, it is easy to come to think that that is all there is. Fortunately, our black belt academy is NOT an independent study program.  Everyone is working within the same curriculum and under the supervision of an instructor.   Your instructor will always be pushing you out of your comfort zone.  That’s when growth happens –when you are uncomfortable. Always remaining comfortable creates complacency and stagnation.

So black belts, register for the next tournament.   Set a measurable, specific goal.  Decide which of the SEVEN events you like the most.  Then talk to your instructor about how to prepare.  What training tip will you learn from another competitor on tournament day?  What new confidence will you discover at this competition? What error or mistake will you realize is implement change?  What new friends will you make?   You will never know the answers to those questions without going!  So do it!   Remember, Eternal GM H.U. Lee says, “to compete is to win!”   And that is true!


Why Should Tiny Tigers Compete?

The decision for a TINY TIGER to compete is easy.  WHY?  Simply because TINY TIGERS DO NOT ACTUALLY COMPLETE!    That’s right!  There are NO 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards in the TINY TIGER DIVISIONS.  Every child receives the same award.

Parents can simply register a TINY TIGER for a tournament and have no concerns over the “competitive nature” of these events because there is no competition.  (Children over the age of seven and all adults do indeed compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards in tournaments.)  Although each tiger receives the same award, we do give individual praise and reconigition for various skills, like “best black belt punch,”  “board breaking power,” “following directions”, “strongest front kick” and so on.

TINY TIGER divisions are limited to 8 students and are divided by RANK just like their classes are.

Our goal for TINY TIGERS and their parents is to learn these important points about ATA Regional and In- School tournaments:

  1. The tournament experience builds confidence by doing new and different things and meeting new and different people.
  2. Even for TINY TIGERS, getting up to perform is exciting and fun which leads to feelings of pride and accomplishment.
  3. Tiny Tigers and their families can watch divisions of other age and rank groups compete and come to understand what’s in store for the future.
  4. You’ll find numerous examples of respect, self-control, and courtesy at tournaments.
  5. Encouraging your Tiny Tiger to celebrate everyone’s “win” builds sportsmanship and camaraderie.
  6. Helping a child as young as 3 get over fear and anxiety of new experiences is PRICELESS!


Map, Directions and Hotels

Gathering of Eagles Hosted by



Saturday January 23, 2016

Our 11th Year!!!!

ASU Tempe Campus

PE West Building

451 E. Orange St.
Tempe, AZ 85287

ATA Regional “B” Tournament

ALL Competition Takes Place on Sat Jan 23, 2016

Map to PE West Gym

Site updated 10 2 15



Normal & Apache

Rural & Terrace

There is NO CHARGE for parking on SAT,  but there is a charge for parking on FRI. 

NORMAL & APACHE parking garage is closer to PE WEST than the garage at TERRACE & RURAL. If you park at NORMAL & APACHE where the Student Recreation Center (SRC)  is, exit the parking garage, walk EAST till you get to the MAIN ENTRANCE to SRC, then go NORTH along “PALM WALK” about 50 yards.  PE WEST is at the corner of ORANGE MALL & PALM WALK.  Enter from the EAST side of the building along PALM WALK

WHEEL CHAIR access directly to the building is from RURAL road where there also is a traffic light and parking garage at TERRACE street.   You may drive WEST onto campus at TERRACE.   TERRACE becomes ORANGE MALL.  Drive WEST on ORANGE MALL all the way to PE WEST building to drop off your passenger.  YOU CANNOT PARK IN THIS AREA.  IT IS ONLY OR DROPPING OFF.

If you park at TERRACE & RURAL, exit the garage and walk WEST along TERRACE.  At MCALLISTER, the street becomes ORANGE MALL.  Keep walking WEST till you get to PE WEST.  Go SOUTH on PALM WALK to the east side of the PE WEST building.

Recommended Hotels

No special ATA rate is available.  These hotels are close to the tournament site.

Graduate Tempe

225 E Apache Boulevard, Tempe, AZ 85281       480 967 9431

1 block from tournament site

Phoenix / Mesa Hilton

1011 West Holmes Avenue, Mesa, AZ   85210   480 833 5555

4 miles from tournament site

Registration, Fees, Schedule

SCHEDULE for 2016 Event

NOTE: NOVICE COMPETITION – Traditional Forms, Weapons, Sparring, Combat Weapons, all go in the same ring.

NOTE: TRADITIONAL (POINT) COMPETITION – Traditional Forms, Weapons, Sparring, Combat Weapons in the same ring.

Creative and Extreme following their traditional events in next available ring.

7:00 AM Doors open for registration

8:00 AM MANDATORY ADULT (18+) BLACK BELT MEETING (ALL Adult Black Belt competitor slips will be collected at this time, including Creative/Extreme)

NOTE: ADULT BLACK BELT COMPETITION will take place throughout the day as scheduled or as rings/judges become available.

8:00 AM ATA TIGER, Adults 50+, and Special Abilities to Line Up


9:00 AM ATA TIGERS, Adults 50+, and Special Abilities Begin

9:00 AM 8 & Under, and Adults 40-49 to Line Up

11:00 AM 9 & 10, and Adults 30-39 to Line Up

1:00 PM 11 & 12, and Adults 18-29 to Line Up

2:00 PM 13 & 14, to Line Up

3:00 PM 15-17 to Line Up

Please Note – This schedule is an estimate of times. As much as the tournament staff would like to give exact time. This schedule will vary depending upon the number of competitors and the number of available judges the day of the event.



If you would like a PDF version of the schedule, please use this link to view or print

Schedule for January 23, 2016

Please read this schedule very carefully. 

This NEW schedule for 2016 is based upon AGE, not gender or rank.  We have found through researching our tournament data that organizing competitors by AGE will create a smoother event with more accurate division start times.  Please DO NOT arrive earlier than your line up time unless you are a school owner, judge, or helper.  

The times listed are ESTIMATES.  Please allow plus or minus 1 hour from these times for adjustments. Times are dependent upon the number of competitors present.  Novice competitors do ALL events in the same ring and report to the line up area during the appropriate times for their TRADITIONAL competition.


These fees apply for all sactioned ATA “B” regional tournaments

Individual fees per event are

(updated 10 2  2015)

Traditional forms /sparring    $35.00   (3rd+  family member-$5 ea)

Traditional weapons    $25.00 (3rd+ family member-$5 ea)

1st entry for Xtreme or Creative   $25 each (3rd+ family member-$5 ea)

2nd entry for Xtreme or Creative  $15  (3rd+ family member-$5 ea)

3rd entry for Xtreme or Creative   $15  (3rd+ family member-$5 ea)

4th entry for Xtreme or Creative   $15  (3rd+ family member-$5 ea)

Combat Bahng Mahng Ee  $25  (3rd+ family member-$5 ea)

SPECTATOR FEE: $5.00 each   (children 7 and under FREE)


To compete in any Xtreme or Creative event,

you MUST also compete in the traditional event

(example-compete in traditional form and then you can

compete in Xtreme form and/or creative form)



All adult black belts must attend the Black Belt Meeting.  Being late for the Black Belt Meeting will make you miss your competition.  Any ADULT Black Belt expecting to compete must be on time.  Thank you.

ARIZONA COMPETITORS: SHOULD preregister with your instructor.  When you arrive, go to any line at the registration table.  BE SURE to bring your registration forms—marked PAID by your instructor—to the tournament.

OUT OF STATE COMPETITORS: SHOULD preregister by phone (480-497-0515) If you preregister by phone, we will have all of your registration papers and wrist bands, including spectators, mailed to your home address.  You must be pre-registered two weeks before the tournament date in order for us to mail your packet. PRE-REGISTERING will enable you to walk directly into the competition area without waiting in any lines on tournament day!If you choose to register at the door on tournament day, please go to the  OUT OF STATE registration table in the lobby.

Registration Forms:

Traditional Forms Sparring Weapons Combat
Tiny Tiger Registration Forms Sparring Weapons
XMA Forms Weapons Registration Form
Creative Forms Weapons Registration Form




Things To Do


Welcome ATA Competitors to beautiful sunny Arizona

Arizona in January is pure paradise. . . . clear, blue skies, bright sunny days, average daytime temperature of 75.

Make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.   Remember, you are visiting Arizona in the winter.  There is HIGH demand for hotel rooms.

Please consider extending your stay by a day or two and partake of some of Arizona’s wonderful scenery and winter activities.  May we recommend:

Arizona is a golf paradise in the winter.  Consider these courses, recommended by some of your local ATA golfers:

These courses are the closest to the MESA area, about 9-11 miles away.
Arizona Golf Resort,   Superstition Springs,   Red Mountain Ranch

Go to www.thegolfcourses.net and look for these three listed under golf courses in Mesa, AZ

Up north in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, look for these courses:
TPC Scottsdale:    www.tpc.com

They also have a “desert course” that”s really reasonable and good at $50.
17020 North Hayden Road,  Scottsdale, AZ 85255,  (480) 585-4334

Troon North Scottsdale:   www.troonnorthgolf.com
(480) 585-5300,     10320 E. Dynamite Blvd.

Legend Trail Scottsdale:    www.legendtrailgc.com
(480) 488-7434,      9462 E Legendary

Yes, there is gambling in the Phoenix area, and quite a bit of it.  Just go to for a complete listing, but two of the closest
to the Marriott are:

Casino Arizona at Salt River (closest-about 6 miles away)

Gila River Casino at Wild Horse Pass
800.946.4452          www.wingilariver.com

Saguaro Lake & The Desert Belle: www.saguarolakemarina.com

Canyon Lake & The Dolly Steamboat: www.dollysteamboat.com

The Phoenix Zoo: www.phoenixzoo.org

Desert Botanical Gardens: www.dbg.org

Shopping & Dining:
Chandler Fashion Center: www.chandlermall.com
(about 6 miles from the tournament site, rather close, lots of shopping and restaurants)

Mill Avenue & Tempe Town Lake: www.downtowntempe.com
(very close, about 1 mile west of the tournament site), a really interesting area located very close to ASU, lots of dining, live entertainment,  and the beautiful Tempe Town Lake.

Biltmore Fashion Center: www.shopbiltmore.com
(the farthest, in Phoenix,about 15 miles away, near 24th Street and Camelback, but  a really hot place to shop!!!)